Taleem Kyoun – Services for Special Needs Schools

(left) Amina Iqbal (middle) Paul (right) Debbie

Presenter: Amina Iqbal
Show: Taleem Kyoun – 7th July 2010

Once again Amina Iqbal hit the airwaves of PCR with her popular show Taleem Kyoun. Her show is aired once a month on a Wednesday from 2:00pm – 3:00pm.

The Special Guests for her show on this occasion were Paul (Head Teacher) from Pendle Community High school and Debbie (Head Teacher) from Pendle View Primary school. This particular segment provided the listeners with information on what each of the respective schools are about and what services they provide.

Amina begins the show by asking Paul about the special schools which are available and when they started. Paul states that special schools which were previously running were in great risk of breaking down segregation. As a result in 2005 a decision was made for special schools to join with main stream partner schools. Pendle Community High school is partnered with Pendle Vale High school and Pendle View Primary school is partnered with Primet High school.

Debbie states that Pendle View Primary school is a special needs school and it accommodates for children with physical and mental learning difficulties. The school has 57 students and 40 staff in total. The school provides for children from the ages of 2-11 and since it is a special needs school there is much greater need for more teachers. The schools also have qualified nurses to attend to any medical assistance when required. Further training is also available if the staff and nurses require it.

Paul states that Pendle Community High school is very similar to any other school or college for the learning facilities that it provides. Paul mentions that there are 130 students currently studying and there is 70 staff already on board with a further 75 staff due to start in September.

“Our aim is to help all our students to become good learners. The national curriculum is the same as any other college, it’s just that we break it down to make it easier for our students to learn. We also provide BTEC Sciences & IT among many other subjects.”

Debbie explains that Pendle View Primary school provides many services and a wide range of subjects such as soft room Design Technology, Cookery, Arts, IT, P.E, Science etc. The school follows the same curriculum as any other school.

“We have two speech therapists working with us every Tuesday in school to set up programmes with our staff to allow them to understand and learn different languages.”

Both Pendle View Primary school and Pendle Community High school have had excellent reports from Ofsted and also get an excellent response from parents.

Listen to a podcast of the show (English & Urdu)

For more information in relation to the schools please contact using the following numbers;

Pendle View Primary school
Tel No:(01282) 865011

Pendle Community High school
Tel No:(01282) 682262
Email: reception@pch.lancs.sch.uk

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