Shows A-Z

Aap Ki MehfilFriday 8 - 11pmM. JaleelJaleel gives his listeners an opportunity to give their thoughts on the community.
Aap Ki SehatThursday 2 - 4pm
Shakil SalamShakeel talks about the very important issue of health.
Community HourWednesday
3 - 4pm
Faz Patel & MyraFaz and Myra bring lively and fun input to what’s happening in the community.
CVS ShowThursday 1 - 2pmEdward Lee Christine Blythe
Burnley CVS invite Voluntary, Community & Faith Sector groups onto the show to discuss the work they are doing and the services they offer.
English LectureSaturday 6 - 8pmTalk
Good Morning PendleMonday 9 - 11am
Tuesday 9 - 11am
Wednesday 9 - 11am
Thursday 9 - 11am
Friday 9 - 11am
Shams Ur RehmanThe day’s breaking news with Shams Ur Rehman.
HamzaThursday 7 - 9pm
Hidayat ul Ummah Monday 10 - 12pm
Tuesday 10 - 12pm
Wednesday 10 - 12pm
Thursday 10 - 12pm
Saturday 10 -12pm
Sunday 10 -12pm
Lecture by Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri
Talk IslamSaturday 2 - 4pmAsad KhanAsad Khan and friends talk about issues affecting the ummah and also discuss political news.
Live Spiritual Gathering Saturday 8 - 10pmWeekly gathering at the Minhaj-ul-Quran Nelson Mosque for spiritual uplifting and remembrance of Allah Almighty & the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Maria Khan Show Saturday 4 - 6pmMaria KhanMaria Khan gives her listeners advice about beauty and health.
Mrs QadriFriday 12 - 2pmMrs QadriMrs Qadri discusses various aspects of Islam and the importance of the Holy Quran.
Past Midnight Monday 12 - 4am
Tuesday 12 - 4am
Wednesday 12 - 4am
Thursday 12 - 4am
Friday 12 - 4am
Saturday 12 - 4am
Sunday 12 -4am
Playlist of classical sufi music.
Pothwari HourFriday 10 - 11pmJaleelProgrammed aired in Pothwari.
TilawatMonday 4 -7am
Tuesday 4 - 7am
Wednesday 4 - 7am
Thursday 4 - 7am
Friday 4 - 7am
Saturday 4 - 7am
Sunday 4 - 7am
Beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran by various renowned Qari's.
Sunday SupplementSunday 5 - 7pmTalk
Taleem Kyoun Wednesday 2 - 3pmAmina IqbalAmina Iqbal invites organisations onto the show and talks about the need of education.
Women’s Hour Wednesday 11am - 12.30pmMrs NasreenJoin Mrs Nasreen and Fozia Shah as they discuss issues related to women as well as discussing Islamic topics.