Pendle Community Radio

Pendle Community Radio is a community radio station based in Nelson, Lancashire. Started broadcasting on 103.1FM in September 2007, it aims to provide dedicated programming to the community that live in Pendle and surrounding regions. It has a wide remit to promote  “social gain”, for all local communities, through the use of IT and Media. The station also aims to help with community cohesion and integration, economic regeneration and development and political well being.


Pendle Community Radio stems from several short term Restricted Service Licence broadcasts, dating back to 2001, that were awarded by Ofcom and its predecessor ‘The Radio Authority’. These ‘RSL’ broadcasts usually ran three times a year, each for 28 days. Following the success of the RSL broadcasts and the fact that there wasn’t another local radio station with any significant special interest programmes aimed at the local community, Ofcom awarded a full-time 5 year community radio licence in 2006. The radio station is based at 15 Cross Street Nelson and named as AWAZ 103.1 FM – Pendle Community Radio.

The driving force behind this huge project in Pendle is our team of dedicated presenters and volunteers who are working day and night to make it a success in the community of Pendle. Pendle Community Radio is reaching out to communities across Pennine Lancashire and Pendle as these areas provide a higher concentration of the diverse communities.