Minhaj Welfare Foundation – MWF

Name of Contact: Adnan Sohail

Position Held: Project Manager

Address: 298 Romford Road, London, E7 9HD

Contact No: 0300 30 30 777

Email: info@minhajwelfare.org

Website: www.minhajwelfare.org

Charity No: 1084057

Background Info: Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) is one of the largest non-governmental international charity organisations in the world. The 4 main categories of work can be divided into: 1. Education 2. Healthcare 3. Emergency Aid 4. Welfare Support

Opening/Closing Times: Monday – Friday from 9.00am till late.

Target Audience: Minhaj Welfare Foundation caters for children, teenagers, adults & OAP’s.

Upcoming Events: Challengers – Please ring MWF on 0300 30 30 777 for further information.